Encryption for Real Estate Documents

Encryption for OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Encryption in the real estate industry is super important in the days of automated hacking tools. Regardless if you’re saving pictures of pets and recipes, or critical financial data, all this information can (and will be, eventually) targeted by criminal hackers.Most services today, the connection is secure (using SSL, look for HTTPS) when uploading/syncing files to the service, they are still not secured digitally. This is why you should encrypt! Below are some websites with easy to use tools for encrypting files, emails, and even your entire computer. Far too many times have I personally seen someones data accessed by unauthorized users. Don’t let the failure to encrypt be the reason you lose important files.


BoxCrypter – For Cloud Documents                                                   VeraCrypt – FDE (Full Disk Encryption)                                        Email Encryption – Windows/Mac/Linux

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More information is to come. Check back regularly 🙂


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